Andre Lee

Doctor in Dental Surgery
Top Wealth Business Group
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Andre Lee grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was educated at a very early aged in South America. He graduated from the national University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied a career in dentistry in 1986. He obtained a European Community dentist Degree, License and specialized in Implanvology in 1988. He return to Buenos Aires where he practiced his profession until 2007. Dr. Lee continued his post graduate studies in the U.S. in implantology and Oral Rehabilitation at New York University. He also studied Advanced Implantology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Lee is an active member of the of the Hispanic Dental Association in California and also is the CEO of Top Global World Business Group. 
Dr. Lee currently owns and operates two practices, Top Implant center and Top Dental in Pasadena, California. He has two sons who are currently studying at University of California San Fransisco School of Dentistry.