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National Membership Categories 

Compatibility and Willingness to Invest
Prospective members must identify strongly with the organization’s mission, vision, and methods. Just as importantly, they must be prepared to immediately begin to invest in the organization to support its goals and execution of its plans. The organization requires members to be active and to have a desire to give back to the community. Members must be prepared to give much more than they receive via their work and association to the organization. 
Distinction and Resources 
Members must bring to the organization distinction and resources that will be useful in pursuing the organization’s goals. Among the resources an individual shall bring to the organization are good standing in the business world, recognition in the community, political expertise and influence, organizational affiliations, and economic resources. 
Potential Members Include
•    Successful entrepreneurs who have built a substantial business
•    Board members of major national corporations
•    Senior executives and corporate executives of Fortune 1000 companies
•    Foundation, academia and non-profit executives

Membership Application Process  
Membership requires nomination by an NAA member sponsor, and NAA Board approval of the Nomination.
For more information on the membership categories and process, contact Lisa Rodriguez at 214-635-1962 or


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