Carmen Ortiz-McGhee

Senior Vice President & Resident Sales Director
Aon Risk Solutions, Capital Region
Washington, DC

NAA Institute Board Member and Co-Chair American Latinas Caucus
Carmen Ortiz-McGhee is Senior Vice President and Head of Sales for Aon Risk Solutions (ARS) - The Capital. In this role she is responsible for driving growth and market penetration for ARS throughout Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland. Before joining ARS, Carmen served as Executive Vice President of Sales for Aon Cornerstone Innovative Solutions. Aon Cornerstone is tasked with sourcing and vetting MWDBE firms, building strategic alliances and go to market strategies with them to meet the increasing demand by Aon's clients for subcontracting with those firms. Prior to joining Aon, she was the Vice President of Business & Investment Development for a boutique real estate private equity firm with $1 billion in AUM. Peviously, Carmen was President of The Marathon Club (TMC), an organization established to accelerate relationships among the best and brightest business minds in the U.S. to create enhanced wealth creation and deal flow for ethinically diverse professionals. Carmen led programs both in the US and abroad. Prior to leading TMC, Carmen created value for a number of non-profit organizations. In her various roles at these organizations, Carmen led corporate fundraising strategies; membership recruitment efforts, raising the diversity and number of participants; content development, innovating unique approaches and managing the logistical implementation of the annual meetings, trade shows & conferences.