Jorge Ferraez

Founder and Publisher
Latino Leaders Magazine
Dallas, TX 

Jorge Ferraez has a BA in Communication Media by the Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City. He is President of the Ferraez Publications Group, which edits three successful magazines and one newspaper in two countries: Lideres Mexicanos, El Mundo del Petroleo and El Economista in Mexico and Latino Leaders in the U.S. 
As a multinational businessman, he is in charge of the editorial content of all three magazines and the collateral media developed from the original concept. Lidless Mexicanos, the most successful magazine of its kind, has been in circulation for 18 years in Mexico, where it has achieved a tremendous reputation as a magazine that publishes interviews, artcles and profiles of the most influential and powerful leaders in Mexico and abroad. El Mundo del Petroleo in the most important magazine in Mexico for the Oil Gas industry and is a paramount tool of communication B to B in this key sector of Mexico's economy. In addition in December of 08, Ferraez Publishing acquired 50% of the Stock and the editorial control of Mexican newspaper El Economista. On this side of the border, Latino Leaders has the same concept as Lideres, focusing on the most influential and significant Latino leaders the United States. With nation-wide circulation, the magazine has become the most important Hispanic magazine completely devoted to interviews and articles on leaders. 
Jorge has also launched many TV and Radio shows, linked to the magazines, in both countries. Lidless Mexicanos Channel 40 in Mexico is a Weekly TV show that has been in the air since August 2006. Jorge also is a wine writer and writes two monthly and one weekly wine column in his publications. 
Ferraez Publications Group was founded by Jorge and his brother Raul in 1987, and today it is a North American Regional business, looking to expand its publications to a Pan-Regional level by circulating Lideres in Latin America and acquiring a tremendous experience in marketing for the high end of the Hispanic Market of the US through Latino Leaders. Jorge is also a member of the New America Alliance and most recently a member of PRIMER Network. 
Jorge was born in Merida, Mexico in 1964 and currently resides with his wife Veronica and his sons Nicolas and Sebastian in the city of Plano, north of Dallas, Texas. He divides its time traveling to Mexico and other parts of the world making interviews and promoting his publications.