Maria Luisa Ferré Rangel

President and CEO
Grupo Ferre Rangel
San Juan, PR 

Maria Luisa Ferre Rangel is the president of Grupo Ferre Rangel. The Group is a Puerto Rico based, family-owned portfolio of companies with highly diversified strongholds in several industries. It is the holding company for Puerto Rico's largest media company: GFR MEDIA. Other companies include: Advanced Graphic Printing, a state of the art printing company; City View Plaza, a commercial real estate development; El Dia Directo, a direct marketing services company; and DIS, a distribution company. GFR also operates Real Estate concerns in the United States, and a network of Health Clinics in Chile.
Ferre Rangel leads the group's development, growth and diversification strategies in and outside of Puerto Rico. She is also member of the Board of Directors of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico since 2000, where she is Chairperson of the Compensation Committee and member of the Trust and Governance Committees. 
Prior to her appointment as President of Grupo Ferre Rangel, Ms. Ferre  Rangel co-directed the Editorial Department of El Nuevo Dia, with her brother, Luis Alberto. Together, they implemented significant changes to the newspaper's format, design and content. They also re-structered the editorial department and brought technology advancements resulting in a much more efficient operation. They also supervised the re-design and launch of new products and sections targeted toward specific groups re-enforcing the product offering for El Nuevo Dia readers. 
Ferre Rangel began her publishing career at El Nuevo Dia as Assistant Editor for the lifestyle section Por Dentro, where she created new sections and livened up its editorial content. 
Ferre Rangel is also very active in support of community organizations and non-profit institutions. She is currently President of the Luis A. Ferre Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for the administration of the Ponce Art Mesesum. Since 2011, She has been a member of the Latin American & Caribbean Fund Committee of the Museum of Modern Art. She is also Vice President and Director of the Ferre Rangel Foundation, a philanthropic entity created by the Ferre Rangel family to channel donations to educational programs; and actively participates in several other non-profit institutions in several other non-profit institutions such as Casa Julia de Burgos, Centros Sor Isoline Ferre and Multi sensory Readying Centers for Puerto Rico.
Maria Luisa graduated Magna Cum Laude from Amherst College in Massachusetts with a BA in History and Hispanic studies, and obtained a Masters of Science Degree with honors from Boston University.