Ricardo Bekin

Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer
Ativo Capital Management LLC
Chicago, IL

Ricardo has over 25 years of financial and investment management experience and oversees all investment management activities at Ativo Capital Management. He is the founder of Ativo Capital Management and serves as its Chief Investment Officer. Ricardo is responsible for establishing processes and procedures for stock valuation, financial modeling and portfolio construction.
Prior to this position, he held analyst positions for financial institutions in Brazil and the United States, including Credit Lyonnais and Dorchester Capital and worked in finance at FMC Corporation. 
He Holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and has completed the coursework for the PHD program in Finance at the University of Chicago. At the instigation of his Ph.D. advisor, Professor Robert Aliber, Bekin joined Callard, Madden & Associates. There he gained extensive experience in stock valuation, quantitative modeling and portfolio construction. 
In 2001, Bekin had integrated this knowledge and began applying it to the management of portfolios and founded Ativo Capital Management LLC.