Rosie von Lila

Founder, Director of Communications
New York, NY

Rosie is a force of nature positively impacting the lives of awake souls the world over who are ready for more. She is a passionate and powerful voice of hope and reason. She speaks around the world on how to increase citizen/participant/human engagement.

Based in Manhattan, and working frequently in Washington, D.C. and California, Rosie is a communications professional, author of The Von Lila Framework, and co-founder of Lumera which is raising a U.S. national conversation on infrastructure investment. Prior to founding Lumera, she coached and consulted leaders based on her proprietary leadership models that drive participation and loyalty from their organizations' stakeholders. Rosie transforms "executives", "teams", "stakeholders" and "customers" into community members. Her research and experience support her philosophy that the most impactful businesses and organizations draw contribution from and deliver benefit to community members.

Rosie has been contracted and engaged by large and small organizations to improve their member participation, loyalty and shared value:

From 2012-2015 Rosie worked with Burning Man to increase coordination and improve relations with domestic and international communities and organizations.

2015 guest lecturer at the U.S. National Defense University, Eisenhower School, attended by leaders of USAID, the Department of State and high-ranking officers from the United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force.

Invited by the U.S. Department of Defense to deliver her framework for building relationships and human networks at The Pentagon.

Invited to attend the United Nations 2015 Informal Stakeholder Hearings of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

Invited by University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business as an idea leader in its 2016 Ireland international summit on Redesigning The World.

Contributor at How We Gather 2015, an event hosted by Harvard University Divinity School for leaders of 40 international community networks.

Featured speaker at The Conference 2015 in Sweden, one of the premier technology conferences in Europe, on the topic of building social ecosystems.

Speaker at SXSW Interactive 2015 on citizen engagement and building participatory cities.

In July 2016, she will keynote at Startup Fest in Montreal.


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