Building on
American Latino Success
To Forge A Stronger America


Our Mission

Founded in 1999, the New America Alliance is comprised by a 501(c)6 and a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing the economic development of the American Latino community. The Alliance is organized on the principle that American Latino business leaders have a special responsibility to lead the process of building the forms of capital most crucial to Latino progress – economic capital, political capital, human capital and the practice of philanthropy. One approach that American Latino business leaders are uniquely capable of leading is investment in our own community through coordinated philanthropy and public and private strategic collaboration.

Our Members

The NAA membership is comprised of over 100 prominent American Latino entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to giving back to the community. While committing substantial financial resources to the organization, our members also commit considerable time, provide access to their networks and exert their influence to achieve the goals of the organization. We aggregate the NAA members' success, experience, relationships and passion to give back as we promote the advancement of the Latino community and prosperity for all in our nation. NAA members leverage their influence to promote Latino leadership in entrepreneurship, corporate America, and public service; increase Latino access and control of capital; and invest in human capital to improve educational achievement and develop future Latino business leaders.

Brief History

In June 1999, Henry Cisneros and Raul Yzaguirre organized a meeting attended by approximately 30 prominent American Latino leaders to introduce the concept for a new leadership organization that blossomed into the New America Alliance. From the start, NAA’s uniqueness and forward thinking vision came from its members business leaders and opinion-makers in Latino economic advancement, wealth building, and philanthropy. The core vision, which distinguishes the NAA, involves leveraging the collective power as a community to strengthen the future of the Latino community in the U.S.