NAA Message on Asian Support

March 24, 2021


The New America Alliance was founded 21 years ago with the goal of building on American Latino success to forge a stronger America. Our mission is to accelerate diverse leadership in entrepreneurship, corporate America, and public service with the firm belief that America cannot live up to its full potential if its business leaders do not reflect the composition of its citizenry. However, success for Latinos is a hollow accomplishment if large segments of our population do not feel as equals before the law and live in fear of going outside because someone is going to physically or verbally attack them due to their race or gender.

We share the outrage of our fellow citizens of all races and creeds at the attacks on Asian Americans across the country; 3,795 “hate violent incidents” against Asian Americans have been recorded from March 2020 to February 2021 alone. Most recently, we were stunned and dismayed by the murders of 8 people in Atlanta, most of them were Asian women.

We recognize the pain of all the individual families and loved ones of not only the deceased, but also all the victims of hate against our fellow Asian Americans. You have our deepest sympathy. We also recognize the agony and grief of the Asian American community in general. American Latinos are people from a multiplicity of ethnic and racial groups and mixes of those groups. Targeted racial and gender violence shakes our nation’s fundamental premise that we are all equal and protected under the law.

Our fellow citizens are sick and tired of the racism and sexism and, as a country and community, we need to put an end to it. Change is called for and required to address the injustices exerted upon our fellow Asian American men and women. As Latinos, we understand that this is a shared struggle to create a more equitable and democratic society. That is why we stand in solidarity with the Asian American community. NAA condemns the egregious acts of violence and we condemn violent incidents motivated by hate against women and against Asian Americans. This is the time for America to engage in the hard work of shepherding and ensuring racial and gender justice. We want just communities for all.

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