NAA members manage $60 Billion in AUM. Announcing 10 members with $1 Billion + AUM - November 2015

NAA believes that increasing American Latino access and control of capital will result in more equitable involvement of our community in managing and channeling resources and capital to address the most pressing issues facing our community and our nation, including education and wealth creation.

Latino and diverse firms have made extraordinary strides over the last decade expanding existing firms, opening new firms and returning capital to their investors to support the security of public employees and retirees across the nation. During the NAA 15th Annual Wall Street Summit at Pension Fund Diversity Day, the New America Alliance highlighted the capital represented among the NAA Membership and recognized 10 NAA Member firms in the NAA Billion Dollar Circle.

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We also highlighted the following: 

NAA membership of diverse and emerging asset management firms
have over $60 Billion aggregate assets under management.

NAA diverse asset managers (with 25+% diverse ownership)
represent almost $45 Billion of aggregate assets under management.

NAA Latino asset managers in private equity represent over
$10 Billion in aggregate assets under management, as compared to
under $500 Million reported in the NAA White Paper in 2003 - that is progress.

NAA member firms with over $1 Billion of Assets Under Management
Together, these firms manage over $20 Billion AUM and rang across asset classes including private equity, real estate, hedge funds and pubic markets

NAA Billion Dollar Circle from Left to Right: Tom Soto, NAA Inc Vice Chair of the Board, Wall Street Summit & Pension Fund Initiative Co-Chair; Managing Director, TCW-Craton; Rafael Ortiz, Principal, Palladium Equity Partners, LLC; NAA Board Member; Fernando Guerrero, Managing Partner, Varadero Capital, L.P.; NAA Member; NAA CEO Pilar Avila; Luis Maizel, Senior Managing Director, LM Capital Group, LLC; NAA Member; Victor Miramontes, Vice Chairman, CityView, NAA Member; Ricardo Bekin, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer, Ativo Capital Management, LLC; NAA Board Member; Cyril Meduña, President, Advent-Morro Equity Partners, Inc; NAA Inc Vice Chair of the Board & Pension Fund Initiative Co-Chair