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COIN Environmental & Infrastructure Investments Webinar


Sukh Randhawa, Chief, California Organized Investment Network (COIN) invites all NAA members to participate in its Environmental & Infrastructure Investments Webinar, a three-hour online session via Zoom featuring speakers from nine COIN-approved Investment Bulletins, all of which are verified to provide financially sound investments that yield social and environmental benefits.

As you recall, COIN is a State of California government program housed within the California Department of Insurance that serves as a national model to provide leadership in increasing insurance industry investment in underserved and rural communities and environmental projects throughout California. Earlier this year, April 21, Sukh and his team joined NAA at the Spring Virtual Tour CIO & Asset Class Connections meeting.

To Register for the webinar and receive the virtual Zoom event link, please RSVP to Peter Streit at: [email protected]

Please see the below detailed information.


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