The Managing Partners and team of the Diverse Communities Impact Fund (DCIF) are very proud to be announced as one of the first of two debut funds in California State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s, “Invest in Our Diverse Communities initiative”. As a premiere and leading Latino/LGBT impact fund based in California we gladly embrace the Commissioner’s initiative and confidence in our platform to help improve the quality of life in the communities we all serve, while generating greater risk adjusted returns and increasing diversity and inclusion. Managing Partner of DCIF, Tom Soto stated, “Thanks to the innovative style of leadership and tone that Commissioner Lara has set for others to follow, an improved genre of investment criteria will be established. We recognize that we are not solely builders of capital and companies but also of communities and opportunity for a more competitive, yet accessible American economy. DCIF is proud to partner with the Commissioner, the State of California and the insurance industry. Capital plus leadership equals impact..! Thank you Commissioner Lara and his team.”