Building on
American Latino Success
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Emerging Leaders Membership

Building a Pipeline of American Latino Leaders

In addressing NAA’s goal to develop a pipeline of Latino leaders in our community and for the organization, in 2011 NAA launched the Emerging Leader Membership with the recruitment of 10 members in New York and 12 members in Los Angeles. The NAA Emerging Leader Membership is a local membership in markets where the NAA membership and the Latino population are concentrated. Modeled after the NAA Membership, the Emerging Leaders regional membership candidate, recruitment approach, member driven efforts, and programmatic mission will mirror the NAA national membership and efforts.

Founding Emerging Leaders - New York

  • Maria Castro

    Vice President
    JPMorgan - Alternative Investments

  • Jack Ferrer

    Managing Partner
    Adiligy LLC

  • Enrique Cortez

    Enitial Advanced Communications, LLC
    Washington, DC

  • Johnny Madrid


  • Summer Ticas

    Senior Associate - Transaction Services

Founding Emerging Leaders - Los Angeles

  • Robert Amaro

    Vice President
    JPMorgan Chase

  • Sofia Aguilar

    Associate, Attorney at Law
    Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Macthinger LLC

  • Karina Gonzalez

    Private Equity & Venture Capital Research Analyst
    Hall Capital Partners

  • Martha Juarez

    Vice President

  • Angelica Solis

    Executive Director
    Alliance for a Better Community

  • Corinne Tapia

    Business Development and Management
    Vanir Group of Companies, Inc.

  • Ricardo Tejada

    Founder & CEO

  • Julio Vallejo

    Independent Producer/Marketing Consultant
    Maya Cinemas North America, Inc.

  • Iris Zuñiga

    Chief Operating Officer
    Youth Policy Institute


NAA Emerging Leader membership candidates are developing careers in entrepreneurship, corporate management, public service, academia and the non-profit sector, and are up to 35 years of age. They are rising stars in their communities and professions, and are committed to advancing themselves and the Latino community. The Membership contribution is $1,000 per year.

Membership Recruitment Process, Target Markets & Timeline

A list of potential members will be developed for each target market through referrals made by NAA members and the newly recruited Emerging Leaders in each region. Membership candidates must submit a membership application for review and approval by the NAA Membership Committee. The goal is to recruit 100 members in each target market over a 2 year period. Market expansion to Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Washington DC will be considered in 2013.

Committee Structure

Guided by NAA General Members Regional Co-Chairs, Emerging Leaders are organized as an NAA Committee for each city/region, with sub-committees that mirror the NAA Program Committees. Emerging Leaders develop strategies and initiatives to address the NAA mission and priorities in their local communities. In addition, the Emerging Leaders regional members have the opportunity to interface with our NAA national membership, and support the national efforts at the local level.

Each local membership team holds monthly Committee calls/meetings. We encourage NAA members in each market to host some of these meetings as a way to connect with our young leaders and contribute to their efforts. In addition, Emerging Leaders host quarterly networking events with a purpose such as motivational lectures, mentorship roundtables, recruitment efforts and other relevant content. Local fundraising will be done to cover event cost and as a net income is generated NAA will consider distribution as charitable grants to national and local programs compatible with the NAA mission.

For more information or to refer an Emerging Leader candidate, please contact Lisa Rodriguez, Director of Membership and Marketing at 214-635-1962, [email protected].


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