Marisol Reyes

Development and Fundraising Director
[email protected]


Marisol is a highly motivated and results-driven financial professional with a diverse background spanning consulting, capital markets, angel investing, business development and venture capital with a demonstrated track record of success. Marisol’s career journey began in investment consulting where she honed her skills over five years at Marquette Associates serving institutional investors including Taft- Hartley, Public Funds, and Endowments and Foundations with assets under management totaling over $4 billion. She furthered her expertise during three impactful years at NEPC, specializing in Endowments and Foundations with assets under management totaling $5.9 billion.

Driven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Marisol helped build Angeles Investors, the first national angel investing organization dedicated to find, fund and grow the most promising Hispanic and Latine ventures. Her dedication to fostering growth and opportunity led her to work with VC 414, a women-owned Wisconsin early-stage venture capital firm, among other companies focusing on business growth and strategy.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marisol is deeply committed to empowering the minority community, education, impact investing, relationship building, and championing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Actively engaged in various organizations, Marisol serves in the Board for Julia Center and the Vice-President of the associate board for El Valor. Additionally, Marisol plays a key role in the Somos VC Operation & Financial Committee.

Marisol’s unwavering dedication to driving positive change, coupled with her extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, make her a respected leader and invaluable asset in the finance industry.