Danielle Beyer's Announcement

 January 26, 2017

New America Alliance Grow Key Initiatives to Further Impact Diversity in Finance & Accelerate Leadership Opportunities 

(CEO, Pilar Avila, steps down to pursue new interests. NAA selects interim CEO leadership)

Dallas, TX – The New America Alliance (NAA), a national collective of influential Latino business leaders in all sectors of finance and asset management, announced Danielle Beyer as the interim CEO, who will lead two expanded areas of focus to grow member access to investment capital and advice broad leadership opportunities for members.

Danielle Beyer brings over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, and was most recently Director of Business Development at 55 Capital and previously served as the Global Head of Investor Relations at Mariner Investment Group. Danielle has been a NAA member since 2012 and is presently a Board of Director. NAA is presently engaged in a national search for a permanent CEO.

“NAA values Pilar Avila’s leadership and the creative innovation she brought to the organization. Under her tenure, Pilar strengthened the NAA’s annual summit, national economic tour and developed the Latina Caucus”, said NAA Co-Chairs Tom Soto and Juan Sabater. “Her departure leaves the NAA with a strong brand reputation in the market”.

The organization announced in a member communication two key areas of focus are Access to Investment Capital and Leadership Acceleration, each designed to drive even greater membership value:

Access to Investment Capital
NAA will merge its National Tour and Wall Street Summit into a series of quarterly forums in four anchor markets in NY, CA, TX and IL. the objective is to expand the organization’s member engagement with key decision makers to expand the selection pool of strongly qualified diverse asset managers.

Leadership Acceleration: American Latina Leadership Caucus
NAA remains fully committed to the American Latina Leadership Caucus initiative. The Caucus aims to engage over a 100 Latina leaders to enhance and accelerate placement of Latina leaders in positions of influence across sectors.

About the New America Alliance
Founded in 1999, the New America Alliance is dedicated to building on American Latino success to forge a stronger America. NAA members leverage their influence to promote Latino leadership in entrepreneurship, corporate America, and public service; increase Latino access and control of capital; and accelerate the rise of Latinas and the new generation of American Latino leaders.