Welcome Interim CEO, Rosie von Lila!

Dear NAA Members,
We are excited to announce that the NAA Board of Directors voted unanimously to appoint Rosie von Lila as Interim CEO of the NAA. Rosie brings both substantial leadership skills and an intimate knowledge of our organization, which will be invaluable as we complete our search for a permanent CEO of the NAA.

Rosie has been an active member of our community since 2016, has served on the board of directors since 2017, and was recently elected to the Executive Committee as chair of the Membership Committee.

Rosie von Lila, Interim CEO,
New America Alliance
Rosie first became a member of New America Alliance as the Founder and Director, Investor Relations of Lumera, formerly a New York-based firm focused on U.S. infrastructure investment. Subsequent to Lumera, Rosie most recently served as the Interim-CEO of Saving Jane, Inc., a 501(c)-3 non-profit working to end human trafficking, where she continues to serve on its board of directors.
See Rosie's full bio HERE
Welcome as Interim CEO, Rosie!
Kind regards,
New America Alliance